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One of the many view while going through small villages.

The terrain is changing again as is the weather. We are leaving the Meseta and entering the region of Galicia. We have starting doing more climbing; that along with the rain puts another set of challenges on The Camino experience.

The last I wrote, I was just getting ready to leave León and thought it was supposed to rain for a few days. Instead it was gorgeous and sunny until a few days ago. I arrived to the fairly deserted town of Foncebadon which is only a couple of kilometers from the highest point on the Camino (4,934 ft) called La Cruz de Ferro. This simple monument of a large iron cross is a place where pilgrims pause to reconnect to the purpose of this journey and add a stone or token of meaning and blessing.

In Foncebadon we stayed at one of my favorite Albergues. They had a nice warm fire going and a wonderful meal of paella and salad. We celebrated another pilgrims birthday and sang songs as Nick (a Camino friend) played the guitar.

I now have approximately 160 kilometers (approximately 100 miles) to go. I have taken my mornings to walk on my own. This has become my favorite time of day for contemplation.


  1. As the old saying goes, Keep on Truckin’. I wonder if pilgrims wore bell bottoms and Berkenstocks on the Camino back in the 70’s? Well you sound great Antoinette. The cultural experience looks enticing to me, and you look like you’re amazingly fit, even more than before. Can’t wait to see you when the journey is over. Ciao for now and buen camino!

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