In-home & On-location Private Massage

Deep Tissue Back Massage

Deep Tissue Back Massage

from Kaleidoscope Wellness by Antoinette

I enjoy helping others with muscular tension, injuries and overall relaxation and rejuvenation. I tailor my massages to your preferences and your body’s needs. My passions, education and experience enable me to provide uniquely personalized treatment.

I offer a number of massage techniques, options and sessions. My services are mobile; I will come directly to your home or place of business as long as we have a private area or room for you to relax without interruptions. I travel within a large area of San Diego County.

Please contact me to discuss scheduling appointments, rates and travel areas. Thank you.

  • One hour massages
  • One and a half hour massages
  • Packages are available at a discounted rate


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My Massage Story & Experience

Growing up I had a mom who was very affectionate and loving. I would often give her a neck massage after a hard day at work. My role model was Olga, a family friend and professional masseuse.

While attending San Diego State University, I also went to massage school. The hands-on study of the body perfectly complemented my core classes like Anatomy and Physiology. I was hooked and continued my massage studies after receiving my SDSU degree.

At the International Professional School of Bodywork (IPSB) in San Diego, we learned many different modalities, including Swedish, therapeutic, and sports massage and Eastern practices.

I have been very fortunate in my amazing amazing and continuing education opportunities:

  • My first job as a certified massage therapist was at the San Diego luxury spa, “The Golden Door”.
  • Concurrently built an in-home practice in San Diego County.
  • Moved to Colorado and worked as a certified massage therapist for 20 years, primarily in my own practice.
  • Studied LaStone therapy (hot stone massage) and became certified.
  • Studied traditional Thai Massage in Thailand.
  • Returned to San Diego and rebuilt my practice here.