Current Events


2017 Spring into Summer Renewal

    Thursday, June 8th @ 6pm to Saturday, June 10th @ 1pm
    An all inclusive retreat for women. More info.
    To sign up please send a message or call Antoinette via the contact page.
    Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Some common fun, educational and intensive events include:

  • exercise classes
  • exercise hikes
  • cooking classes
  • cleanses
  • health & nutrition seminars
  • trips to farmers’ markets

Previous Events & Activities

If you would like to see our past blog postings about some activities we have previously done then follow this link to our Activities Feed.

Here are some events we have done with friends and clients:

  • Spring – 10 Day Cleanse
  • Fall – Weekly Encinitas Farmer’s Market
  • Summer – Weekly Encinitas Farmer’s Market