A plant-based Thanksgiving feast: Lentil loaf, stuffed acorn squash, maple-Dijon roasted brussel sprouts topped with mushroom gravy.

Giving Thanks

At the beginning of the year, I made a commitment to go “Plant-based” (yes, completely vegan…no animals or animal products) for at least a year. I had been gradually reducing any animal products and most processed foods from my diet. I naturally eat fresh, local and whole foods, so going “all-the-way” was pretty easy. I’m

2017 Spring into Summer Health & Wellness Retreat for Women

2017 Spring into Summer Renewal

Thursday, June 8th @ 6pm to Saturday, June 10th @ 1pm An all inclusive retreat for women. Give yourself the gift of time to energize and be inspired through self-reflection, silence and mindfulness. Taking time for yourself, unplugging from life’s “busyness” will allow you to make a deeper and complete connection to your inner consciousness,

View of Lions Mountain from start of hike up Table Mountain

Road Trip to Cape Town

I was told that you can’t come to South Africa without a trip to Cape Town. I now totally agree as I absolutley loved Cape Town. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect and the vibe resonated with every cell of my being. We stayed at an area called Mouille Point which was accessible to

Burchell's Zebra


A few days after my arrival to Johannesburg we headed into the bush. There are many places to do a safari in South Africa and Mabula ius a favorite reserve that my friends have been going to for over 25 years. It was fabulous! It is easily one of my favorite travel experiences I have

Local Fall Harvest

Autumn Gifts and Gratitudes

I truly do love the Autumn with the change of weather apparent in the air and holidays coming on strong. For me, Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude for all that I have. We hosted Thanksgiving and had a group of wonderful friends to share in our harvest. We used many of our own garden fresh vegetables

Stick It!

I’ve always dreamed of doing a handstand. When I started taking yoga classes I thought it was totally out of the realm of possibilities. I used to practice with a lovely woman named Julieta who made a handstand look like it was as normal as walking on her feet. I used to practice next to

garden broccoli, squash and tomato

Bring it On!

Memorial Day is a marker that summer is here…or right around the corner. We get together for picnics and BBQ’s to enjoy our friends, family, and fresh air. It’s a reminder to shed some layers and get the shorts and sun-dresses out again. My energy increases along with my desire to be outside and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Over