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Antoinette learning to do handstands takes perseverance and dedication I’ve always dreamed of doing a handstand. When I started taking yoga classes I thought it was totally out of the realm of possibilities. I used to practice with a lovely woman named Julieta who made a handstand look like it was as normal as walking on her feet. I used to practice next to her thinking  that maybe through osmosis that I, too, would be able to bust out a handstand like hers.  I was in awe, inspired and somewhat intimidated but I decided that I would be able to do that as well…..someday!

I wanted to do a handstand because it would increase my energy, power, vitality and help me feel empowered.  I feel implementing all those qualities has helped me tremendously in other areas of my  life. I started out just doing handstands in class and in workshops that focused on inversions. I then decided to challenge myself more, I would practice anywhere I could. I would do a handstand at home against a wall until I had built up strength and confidence.  Then, I would go to a park or beach and do multiple handstands, working on finding the balance point.  I didn’t worry too much about falling since I was on soft surfaces and took the attitude of “play” so it was fun.

Have you ever wanted to do something that you thought would never be possible? I think we all have. We tell ourselves “I could never do that”, and why not? All is takes is perseverance. The dictionary definition is: steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Of course it takes a few other things as well.

  • Goal-defining exactly what it is you want
  • Desire-being clear about your reasons and “whys” for wanting to accomplish that goal
  • Steps-a detailed plan and the steps to making it happen
  • Habit-making the goal a habit, which also takes self-discipline
  • Patience-along with dedication to the plan
  • Perseverance

It’s important that you’re clear with yourself about what the goal is. Perhaps it’s to run your first marathon, to write a blog or book, or to eat healthier. Ask yourself, “why do I want this?” Delve into the deeper reason because there usually is one. Instead of going to that place of “It’s too hard” or “I could never do that”, make a list of the steps it would take to get you to the goal. Start out slow and make some of those steps an everyday habit. If your goal is to be healthier, you can start by eating a fresh salad daily. Be patient with yourself-Rome wasn’t built in a day! Most of all, have perseverance and remind yourself of why this is important to you.

I can now balance…sometimes…for 3-5 seconds. I’m far from walking on my hands but feel exhilarated  that I’ve accomplished my goal. I will continue because I love being upside down and there are amazing health benefits from inversions. I often have a difference perception of the world from that viewpoint.

So remember, that if you aspire to do something different or make changes in your life, you absolutely can!  Like the gymnast pulling off a new move; look towards the goal, focus and STICK IT!


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